February 7th 2012

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March 13th 2012

BodyTalk – an energy system and has also been termed a conciousness health care system

Kat Knecht


BodyTalk is an energy based health care system which uses pulls together the wisdom and philosophy of acupuncture, chiropractics, kinesiology and insights from maths and science. It works on the premise that illness or dis-ease occur in the body because the communication in the BodyMind has broken down; cells become separate from the whole and systems are no longer working together or are synchronised which means internal systems become scrambled and can’t function effectively.

We use bio muscular feedback to work with what is a priority in the body, and by using a series of tapping techniques on the brain and sternum we help to improve internal communication between all parts of the BodyMind so that the body becomes balanced and it own natural healing ability is re-established.

BodyTalk is very effective and works by providing deep, long lasting change rather than short term symptomatic relief. Results are usually seen within a few sessions and it is safe, simple and non invasive. It also works very well with children and adults and can be a stand alone therapy or integrates well with other forms of treatment.

Come along and learn a technique to improve your own health and that of your clients, friends and family.


April 10th 2012

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20 min Speaker Spotlight: Sally Kirk on Bates Natural Vision improvement



May 8th 2012

Celia Stewart


Celia will give an introduction to Bach Flower Remedies, explaining a little about the background of the Bristish physician, Dr.Edward Bach and how the remedies are made and some of their uses. She’ll also talk about the most popular remedies purchased in the UK.

Bach Flower Remedies - Celia Stewart

She is very happy to answer any questions on the flower remedies so if anyone has any specific issues or questions about them, please bring them along. There will be an opportunity to purchase a treatment bottle at a cost of £5 and she’ll also have a some books available to buy for £3.50.


June 12th 2012

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July 10th 2012

The Journey by Brandon Bays – a talk from a Practitioner about the work.
Liz Walton – lizwalton.org

The Journey is a cutting edge transformation and healing work pioneered by internationally acclaimed author and mind-body expert Brandon Bays. It is recognised worldwide as a unique healing tool for awakening and liberating your infinite potential. The work has helped thousands of pepole to free themselves from issues like fear, anxiety, stress, depression, low self esteem, chronic anger and rage, physical illness and disease, those relating to addictions and unhealthy behaviours, sexual abuse, relationship problems and career performance.

Using The Journey methods, ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results, no matter their age, background, culture or upbringing. It’s practical, user friendly and down to earth – and it gets the job done!

Come and hear about the Journey and mind body healing and how it works.

Liz has been a practitioner for 6 years and will talk about this healing tool, her experiences with it and how it can benefit in today’s world of stress and strain!


August 2012


September 11th 2012

Natural Treatments for Children with a focus on kinesiology and nutritional support

Maria Bez and Caroline Metz will give a talk and demonstrationon the use of kinesiology and nutrition to support your health, with a special focus on children. Participants will have an opportunity to experience kinesiology muscle testing for themselves.

The talk will explain and demonstrate how, among other things, kinesiology can identify and address:

  • Mineral, vitamin or protein deficiencies
  • Food insensitivites and allergies
  • Neurodevelopment issues
  • Emotional worries, stress and anxiety

Caroline and Maria work together running a children’s clinic at the Nourish Centre in Bath, we combine nutritional advice and kinesiology as a safe and effective alternative to the use of drugs. We work with all ages from babies to teenagers, using surrogate testing for babies and young children where necessary.

Caroline Metz is a qualified Kinesiology Practitioner and a certified member of the Association of Systematic Kinesiology. She believes parents and children should be offered more choices and information about how to stay healthy naturally. Her 2 sons have been successfully treated using kinesiology. She practises from the Nourish Centre, Gay St. Bath and from the Family Chiropractic Centre in Bradford-on-Avon.


Maria Bez graduated in Nutritional Medicine and has a certificate in kinesiology. She believes that healthy nutrition should be practical and manageable. As well as treating patients, she gives talks to local schools, universities and companies. Maria has recently founded the successful Nourish Centre in Bath.


October 9th 2012

Support, supervision, networking

November 13th 2012

Introduction to Radionics

with Liz Cox

Radionics is a form of distant healing; it is an energy or vibrational technique, which can be used to help humans, animals, the soil, etc.

Liz will begin her presentation with an explanation of Radionics describing how the condition of a person’s subtle bodies and chakras contribute to ill health.

Liz will show you how to dowse for yourself and your family e.g. discover which food types to avoid and those to increase.

You may like to bring along a recent photo of a family member (human) – please ask for their permission.

Pendulums will be available for you to use on the night and to purchase.


December 11th

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