Multi Discipline Peer Support and ‘networking’ evenings

Currently held on Zoom

These evenings are an ideal opportunity to meet practitioners from a variety of fields. There is time to get to know each other and gain better understandings of each others professions.

Arrival and meeting format

The meetings are 6.15 for 6.30 – 8.30. We understand that life happens so for arrival time and departure time we are quite relaxed. It’s best to arrive for the beginning and leave and the end … to maximise the effectiveness of the session, for all who are there. However, if you need to arrive late or leave early, please do so. Better to be there for some of it, than none of it.

  1. Welcome and brief intros
  2. Check in to see your needs for the session
  3. ‘Hot Topic’ discussion segment: listen out to for hot topics you can bring with for a 15ish minute discussion group
  4. ‘Speaker in the spotlight’ and talk to us about what you do and how you help
  5. Open talking and support around issues we’ve brought (see no.2)
  6. Throughout the session – low key ‘networking’/meeting other practitioners

The last meeting for 2020 is on Wed 2 Dec.
DATES FOR 2021 >

Why would you attend the sessions?

A great place to get support and advice (as most of us work alone).

Make contact with practitioners who may be able to help your clients.

These evenings sometimes include a ’20min Spotlight’ talk by someone from the group. This is an ideal opportunity for you to let us know, in more detail, what you do and how you can help your clients. It’s also a good time to test out any materials you wish to use if you were to deliver a talk to another group.

An opportunity to ‘socialise’ with ‘work mates’. This is something which we miss out on as we mostly work in solitary.

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